Menzi Muck A81 Excavator Paper Model

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Menzi Muck A81 Excavator Paper Model

This paper model is a Menzi Muck A81 excavator, designed by Valentín Korinek, the papercraft is from tvorbamodelov. The scale of the paper model is 1:25. The A81 mobile spider excavator leaves virtually nothing to be desired. With numerous options, the machine can be custom designed to meet individual customer needs. Every detail is based on functionality, safety and comfort. The result is a powerful, spider machine that is setting new standards in the 8-ton class. 

Engine control unit (ECU), patented Menzi Multi-Joystick, 2 hydraulic circuits on the boom, return line for hydraulic impact hammer, reserve fuel tank in the chassis with a capacity of 200 litres, 2 standard steel pads.

Equipment for the hoist attachment (crane), air conditioning, luxury seat with air suspension, hydraulic telescopic front stabilisers, hydraulic freewheel shifting of the drive wheels, automatic central lubricating system, particle filter, revolving lamp, biodegradable hydraulic oil, customer-specified paintwork, cable winch attachment, approval for use on roads in Switzerland incl. MFK certification, custom-made devices.

About the paper model:
Scale 1:25
Black and white version
Level: hard
Format: .pdf
Size 20 MB

You can download the paper craft model here: Menzi Muck A81 Excavator Free Paper Model Download

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