Medical professionals getting help with UB-04 Software

Posted on May 4 2012 at 08:54:08 AM in Software

Medical professionals getting help with UB-04 Software

I have often wondered how doctors make time for themselves during their long and tedious day with their patients. After looking at the HCFA-1500/CMS 1500 EDI Clearinghouse and what it can do for the doctor's office, I guess I am beginning to have a better idea. With the introduction of ub-04 software, a doctor's office can now submit claims electronically, making the need to pencil in all that required information a lot easier to accomplish. In order to speed up the process this remarkable software allows for templates which are based on your needs. Forget the calculator, these forms are capable of effecting automatic addition so that your totals will be immediately visible.


Even the smaller doctor's offices are deciding that a medical Billing Service is the smarter way to go. Doctor's offices using outside sources to handle their receivables are finding that they end up with an increased cash flow and less of a headache. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, the entire process can turn out to be very time consuming, however, due to the fact that they can now use medical billing forms  to handle their electronic claims, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.


Because medical expenses can end up to be a financial nightmare for some patients, it is necessary at times to forward a bill to collections for payment, a process that can also be very time consuming. As patients call the office inquiring about the status of their outstanding bills, medical personal must stop and be ready to begin answering questions. With the ub04 claim form, medical personal would at least be in a position to reduce the time they spend handling their own claims. It is obvious that paperwork takes up a big chunk of any doctors office, but with UB – 04 Software, at least the playing field can be somewhat balanced.

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