Medical Experts, Driven by Lawsuits, Sought to Find Alternatives for Antidepressants

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Oftentimes, medical professionals prescribe oral medication and talk therapy as treatment for depression. Antidepressant medicines are primarily meant to reduce extreme sadness, hopelessness, and lack of interest in life that are usual in depressed men and women. New research studies say that depression may be relieved by vitamins.


Vitamins and Supplements: Alternative for Antidepressants

Omega-3, folates, SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) and St. John’s wort have been the subjects of these studies.  An increasing evidence noted that omega-3 fatty acids, aside from being essential for cardiac health, may also help in easing depression. Folates taken along with antidepressants improve the effectiveness of the drug, studies show. This also trims down some side effects. SAMe is equally effectual as an “add-on” treatment to antidepressant medicines in some major depression patients. This was found out by a study accomplished at the Harvard University, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.   Moreover, some studies show that St. John’s wort is capable of relieving depression better than a placebo.


As negative feedback on their side effects continue to mount, many people are seeking alternatives to prescription medications. Zoloft is an antidepressant drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Its generic name is setraline. Media reports have it that when Zoloft was out on the market, it quickly became one of the largest-selling, globally available antidepressant drugs.


Pfizer: Target for Litigation

Zoloft has been the target of court charges for causing numerous harms to patients such as insomnia, hallucination, abnormal personality changes, unusual mood shifts, psychosis, hostility, agitation, self-harm, suicide and other acts of violence. Birth defects are also among the severe side effect of the drug.


Additionally, Zoloft has been tagged as the suspect of causing birth defects to infants whose mothers took the drug while pregnant. These include:


• Clubbed foot;

• Cleft lip or plate;

• Delayed development;

• Persistent pulmonary hypertension;

• Gastrochisis;

• Heart defects;

• Skull defects;

• Brain and spinal cord defects;

• Premature birth; and

• Miscarriage.



Several lawsuits have been pursued to recover damages for patients who committed suicide while taking Zoloft. The litigations contend that Pfizer failed to warn the public about the dangers of taking Zoloft. One class action in California accused the company of withholding the information on Zoloft side effects from the public.


In pursuing Zoloft Lawyer professional. This is in the course of getting compensation from Pfizer.  It is also important to report to a medical expert the health damages Zoloft has caused you. Your health care provider may provide you a safer way to cope with your depression.

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