August 2011 KeywordSpy Promotional Discount Coupon Code

Posted on May 5 2011 at 08:44:41 PM in SEO

Every now and then people tend to look for ways to cut their expenses; thus, bargains, sale, and discounts became very popular all over the world. People tend to grab every chance they have to get that limited offer and in the end, most of them end up purchasing or subscribing to low quality merchandise. At times, these offers may end up as scams and you will end up with nothing --- goodbye money and goodbye purchased item.

This should not be the case if they only knew where to look for affordable yet very efficient products. This is why KeywordSpy, the leading keyword research tool in the world, assures you that every penny spent on subscribing in any of their packages is worth it. Not only that, KeywordSpy extended an extra mile of helping those small businesses and marketers with limited budgets by releasing coupons for the month of August. The coupon will entitle the user to a 20% discount on the first month of a KeywordSpy subscription.

It's so easy to use. Copy the code below, go to the KeywordSpy sign-up page and choose the subscription package that suits your needs. After that, simply input the discount code in the promo code box and you get an amazing 20% OFF on the first month of your new KeywordSpy subscription.

August 2011 KeywordSpy Discount Coupon Code: KSceWt6wSC

The code can be used on any of the three packages offered by KeywordSpy namely: KeywordSpy Research, KeywordSpy Tracking, and KeywordSpy Professional.

                                              Original Price     Discounted Price

KeywordSpy Research                  $89.95                  $71.96

KeywordSpy Tracking                   $89.95                  $71.96

KeywordSpy Professional             $139.95                $111.96

Just remember that this is only a limited offer and is only valid until August 31, 2011 or until the limited code above has been used up.

Subscribe now and share the coupon code above to your friends. You may also tell your friends about this site for them to personally get the code. Also, to reiterate what I have always been mentioning on my previous posts,  in case the limited promo code above has been used up, which will give you an "invalid code" error, before August 31, 2011, another way to get a free and authentic code is by simply visiting the KeywordSpy website. You might get lucky enough to be invited and offered a discount code via chat by one of the KeywordSpy representatives.

Don't miss this rare opportunity, use the discount code above and visit the KeywordSpy website now!

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