MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin: Managing Afiiliate Links

Posted on May 19 2012 at 05:09:43 AM in Web Design

I have been using few Premium plugins on iBlognet, and Ninja Affiliate is one of those plugin I’m using since last few months. Ninja Affiliate is a WordPress Plugin by MaxBlogPress that lets you to manage all your affiliate links at ease. The plugin allows you to cloak and brand your affiliate links with your own domain name. No more using spammy URL shortners like or which makes a user to think: ” should I click on this link or not?? “. The plugin tracks all link-clicks and manages all your affiliate links under one roof. That’s not all! The plugin has many more features, like combination of plugin GoCodes and SEO Smart Links does. Read the following review based on my personal experience. The Dashboard gives you a complete stats of your affiliate links. You can check the number of unique and raw clicks the affiliate link has received and the number of keywords you have set to link. You can add the number of keywords to link during adding a new link or you can edit the current one to add more. The control column gives you the option to edit, delete or reset the number of click. While the sub campaign column allows you to add a new sub campaign for that affiliate link. For example, you have create an afffiliate link for hostgator, then you can add a sub campaign to that Hostgator link. You sub campaign would look like this: . The “dedicated” is the sub campaign for hostgator. READ FULL ARTICLE
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Author: Sahil
Created: May 19 2012 at 05:09:43 AM
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