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If you are interested in learning genuine martial arts, or getting in better shape, you might be interested in joining in one of our Martial Arts Training Camps. They are normally held in the summer and in the winter each year. During our training camps, we run our normal Boxing, MMA, and Karate classes, plus additional fitness, grappling, and self defense sessions. We always offer various levels of membership (at affordable tuition prices) during our camps, and qualified volunteers may even train for free.Johnston Karate is in the preliminary planning stages for the Martial Arts Training Camp - Summer 2012, at our Karate dojo in Lake City, SC. As such, I have set up a Google+ page specifically for our camps. It is primarily intended as a source of news about our camps, as well as those run by other schools. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the positive benefits of not only traditional karate classes, but all types of martial arts training.

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About Our Martial Arts Training Camp Classes
If you are interested in MMA (mixed martial arts), you can join in on our strict training regimen. If you want to begin a traditional martial art with a focus on character, hard work, and self defense, Karate classes are for you. We will also drill cardio, flexibility, muscle toning, and strength training. We'd also like to teach women's self defense during the camp. Our regularly scheduled karate classes and integrated martial arts sessions will still be held throughout the duration of the camp. Current students of Johnston Karate may continue their normal classes at no extra charge during our camps.

Mission Statement and Instructional Goals
Our mission at Johnston Karate is to provide well rounded martial arts and fitness instruction that will help students in the greater Lake City area meet their personal goals, while learning practical self defense skills. We aim to provide the very best in traditional karate instruction – geared towards personal development and self defense - as well as sports style coaching for boxing and MMA. We provide unique, proven training methods - in a safe, fun environment - that may be tailored to each student's needs.

Martial arts take a great degree of dedication to develop skill in. As such, fitness, character development, and training drills are heavily emphasized in my instruction. Also, I always try to develop long lasting relationships with my students to help build the community in and around the dojo.

The goals, situations, and aspirations of our students always come first. We place high value on good sportsmanship, personal development, and family values. These are all very important because martial arts are excellent for helping students learn more about themselves and how to deal with others. Karate is not simply a collection of fighting techniques – it is a tool for strengthening yourself and helping others. As such, our instruction is very challenging, and pushes the student to progress in their technical basics (footwork, strikes, blocks, kicks etc), mental discipline, and physical conditioning. Overall, I want to help all students realize their personal goals and develop confidence in themselves.

While my focus is on boxing and traditional karate, I also do my best to keep up with the latest in martial arts research, training methods, and news. I offer multiple types of classes so that we have something to offer to everyone. First and foremost are our karate classes, where students may earn belt ranks – we have sessions for kids, families, and adults only. We additionally have boxing and MMA sessions for those interested in both getting in great shape and getting into competition. We also run early afternoon "integrated martial arts" sessions where adults may come in and learn the basics of karate, boxing, fitness, traditional weapons, and self defense. We are open to setting up a curriculum tailored to each student's needs!

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