Making time to handle the personal stuff

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 04:56:14 AM in Technology

Making time to handle the personal stuff

Recently I have found that I am more inclined to use my laptop instead of my Personal computer to fulfill my computing needs, and quite frankly with the availability of Wi Fi almost anywhere you turn, this is a very easy task. Because most of what I do is on the Internet and involves some sort of research, I can pretty much call anywhere my office. When there is no Wi Fi available, I switch to tethering my laptop on a cell phone and  although this method may not be as fast as wide band, it can usually satisfy my Internet needs in a pinch. The trick is to determine  what I need (or can get away with) on the fly and what has to be done right there and then.


I have found that my ability to move around and still complete my assignments places me at an advantage from others who are stuck to a personal computer at a desk in their home or an office on the 18th floor. One advantage for my mobility is the fact that I can be at one location in the morning, say a coffee shop for example and by the end of the day I can be either in a park or on the beach watching the sun go down.


It is a pity that the smart phone does not have a bigger screen because it would have been ideal, especially since I could also be working while someone else is driving from one location to another. If I sound strangely like a workaholic, let me assure you that I am not, in fact I used to be the authority on such matters, however this new method has only shown me that there are other ways to accomplish the same results.

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