Making International Calls to Your VoIP Phone

Posted on Oct 3 2011 at 11:27:49 AM in Technology

Every person uses some kind of communication.  Everyone has own privacy requirements, preferences and cost limits. Telephone systems cannot offer customizable service but new types of communication can change that. Whit things line email and Instant Messaging we can do things like sorting incoming messages, set different filters and change our online status to busy or disable incoming messages from some users. We cannot expect the same features from our telephone system but it would be amazing if instead of getting a busy signal we could just see if the person is available instantly just like we do when chatting through Internet.

These features are offered by the Voice over Internet Protocol which extends the capabilities of the ordinary phone calls and that is because of its flexibility and the fact that it can be configured to do things that cannot be done by a ordinary PSTN telephone. Maybe nowadays almost everyone knows that VoIP can offer making very cheap calls to Nepal. There are some people who would prefer to have access to this service no matter where in the country they are located. Of course we can always make a connection to a VoIP server using a wireless mobile data plan, but you may not have such a plan at all. There are different ways to have a data plan without a voice plan with it.
Depending on who is providing your VoIP connection you can use a clever feature which will allow you to make calls with the data plan entirely. Here is the thing that you can do. You have to configure your VoIP phone to recognize a call from your cell phone in a way that it will present your phone with a ring tone. When you make call to your VoIP phone from your cell phone, you just enter the International number that you want to call and your VoIP phone will make the call and return it back to you. By this way you can use your VoIP connection to call Nepal no matter your location and without a wireless data plan. This one looks like the service provided by Google called Google Voice but it is not exact the same. The difference is that the VoIP service is hosted on servers of Google.