Making Cheap Calls Is Becoming Easier

Posted on Oct 25 2011 at 08:20:59 AM in Technology

These days making cheap calls to just about anywhere has become very easy task. This is all due to the fact that voice communications can now be transferred over the internet. The technology known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), transformed the telecommunication market for good, making the international calls affordable for everyone. And now Google is taking steps that will ensure that making cheap calls to remote destinations is going to get even more easier.


For those of you who are not very familiar with VoIP technology, here is some brief explanation. The VoIP allow the user to make calls to both domestic and international locations. Still, there are certain requirements in order to take advantage of VoIP. The user should have stable internet connection, special voice router and phone adapter, which is connected to the source of internet in your home (router, DSL modem, etc.), and last, but not least, IP telephone. But now all of these things are going to become obsolete and making VoIP calls won't require anything else, than internet connection.


With VoIP anyone can make the cheapest calls possible, but the equipment to do it is quite expensive. Well, thanks to Google and their internet browser Google Chrome, people will no longer have to buy expensive hardware when they won't to make cheap calls to mobile and landline phone numbers. Recently Google annouced that there is going to be IP telephone installed in the future versions of their internet browser.


The integrated IP telephone into Chrome is also going to allow the users to make video calls and chat with friends. And all this is going to be achieved easier then ever before, because Chrome's IP telephone won't be requiring any additional expensive hardware.


Yet, there is some downsides to the new Chrome feature. Sure, it will give you the chance to make easy calls on low international calling rates, but according to Google, it will help them personalize your search information. This fact poses some serious question about yours or anyone else's personal information and who access it. This, in a way means, that Google will have access to your personal information from who were you talking to yesterday to where you like to shop.


Making cheap international or domestic calls is going to become more and more easier. The only requirement is for the user to have fast, stable internet connection and Google are going to take care of the rest by installing IP telephone in their browser Chrome, thus completely eleminating the need of having expensive VoIP hardware to make calls.

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