Make Your Own Boot Camp

Posted on May 2 2012 at 04:00:09 PM in Fitness

A friend and myself decided to keep working out when our current boot camp class
was taking a break.  We figured we could meet at the local high school track and
create our own boot camp. Not only was the change of pace exciting and new it
also challenged our bodies. We were sore the next day! 

We met at the
track early in the morning. VERY EARLY! In fact, it was dark and a little scary
outside!  We brought our mats, weights, water and iphone to complete this

Here is what we did:

Ran one lap
around the track. When we came to the bleachers we ran up and down the
bleachers.  Then, we made it back to our mats and we did the strength training
workout below.

30 jumping


10 regular push ups


15 shoulder press


Run in
place 30 seconds


10 wide push ups


Flutter kicks while counting to 30


30 jumping jacks


30 dips on mat


25 regular squats


15 Biceps Curls


Run in place 30 seconds


25 walking lunges with the right


25 walking lunges with the left


30 jumping

After the set we ran one lap around the
track and ran the bleachers again. We completed this routine 4 times.  After
our last lap around the track we concluded with abs. The workout took an hour to
complete.I had 5 Minute Ab App on my iphone. . 
It's a great App to add to your fitness collection. Whenever I have some extra
time I try to do an ab workout on my iphone.

You don't have to have a gym membership
or pay money for a boot camp to get fit. All you need is space outdoors and the
right workout buddy to challenge and motivate you! So find a friend and make
your own boot camp!  The sense of accomplishment is well worth it.  Your body
will also thank you!
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