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The kitchen is usually a high-traffic area in any home. Many homes have a back door in the kitchen and most people enter and exit through their back door. If you host a party, no matter how many chairs you have in your living room, people always congregate in the kitchen.

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and turned right around because you didn't want to face the clutter? Do you open a cabinet door and run away screaming because you can't find a matching lid and container? These tips' goal is to help you create a clean, organized kitchen you will be proud of an enjoy spending time in.

Bulletin board – Your command center

Hanging a bulletin board in your kitchen is an easy way to start organizing. Hang your bulletin board on a wall or inside a closet or cabinet door. The size of your board will depend on the amount of space you have and the things you want to include. Consider bulletin board to be your “command center.”


Even though you may use Outlook or a smartphone calender to keep track of your personal activities, nothing beats a printed calender everyone can use. A calendar posted right at your command center provides access to activities of everyone in your household. As well as writing doctor appointments, theatre events, or school activities on your calendar, write down birthdays and anniversaries of your family and friends. By visualizing when a birthday or anniversary is nearing, you will remember to buy a gift or mail a card.

Even if you are a household of one, having a calendar to view can help you coordinate your activities for the day, week, or month.

Grocery List

What does your grocery list look like? How do you put it together? Do you take a sheet of paper and write down everything you need at the grocery store in the order you think of things, then have to scan your list every time you walk down a grocery aisle?

An organized grocery list starts with a template. Put your grocery list template on your bulletin board with magnets or thumb tacks. When you need to add to your grocery list, you can easily write the item under the appropriate category. Before you go grocery shopping, plan your menu for the week and organize your coupons. Remove the grocery list from your command center and add any necessary items.d You are now ready to grocery-shop in an organized fashion.

For instance, your grocery list template can include the following categories – Personal, Beverages, Dairy, Cleaning Products and the like. Visualize the grocery store you shop at most often. Order the categories according to the aisles of the grocery store. This makes it easy to follow your grocery list when you are shopping – down the left column, then start at the top of the next column, etc.


Are your counters clean and uncluttered only in your dreams? Many people don't feel they are living unless there is a piece of kitchen equipment against the wall on every inch of countertop.

Ask this question for every item on your countertop: Do I use this item daily or at least once a week? If the answer is Yes, let it stay on your countertop. If No, move it to a cabinet, closet, donation box, or trash can, as advised by domestic cleaning London specialists.

Once you have narrowed down what items will stay, remove everything from your countertop. Clean your countertop with warm, soapy water. Put everything back on your countertop in an orderly fashion.

For a decorative touch, put a cake stand on your counter and place the salt, pepper, olive oil, ad other go-to ingredients on top. Not only will the stand look pretty, but it will also make cleaning your countertop easier.

Cabinets and Pantry

Ensuring clean, organized cabinets is a great way to fight clutter. You do not need eight cake pans when you only use one or two at a time. (This is unlike shoes. You can never have enough shoes!)

Cleaning and organizing kitchen cabinets will probably take a considerable amount of time, therefore plan accordingly. These easy and simple steps will make you feel like you have a brand new kitchen.

  • Wash and dry any dirty dishes and put them away. You don't want your kitchen to be organized only to realize that you have a load of dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

  • Clean your countertops with soap and water. Disinfecting them wouldn't hurt. You will be taking clean dishes out of your cabinets as you sort through your items and there shouldn't be any contamination with dirt and grime on the countertop.

  • Survey your kitchen cabinets. Open each kitchen cabinet door and review the item you have. You may find you've split up your glasses between two cabinets or your serving dishes among three cabinets mixed with measuring cups, and plastic containers.

  • Remove unused items. If there are things you never use, take them out of the cabinets and put in boxes outside the kitchen. Decide whether you'll donate the item, sell it at a garage sale, throw it away, or store it in the attic or basement (if it has sentimental value, for example).

  • Start with the cabinets you use most often. Take everything out. Everything. Clean the inside walls and shelves with soap and water – a solution suggested by cleaners Croydon. Dry with a dish towel. As you put items back in the cupboard, organize according to use. For example, if you don't use cups very often, put the cups on the top shelf and put the more often-used drinking glasses on the lower shelf. Also, are there items in this cabinet that would go elsewhere? Continue this process until you have cleaned and organized every cupboard.

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