Make Your Kid Happy with a Clean Baseball Glove

Posted on Feb 23 2012 at 11:08:00 AM in House & Garden

Make Your Kid Happy with a Clean Baseball Glove

Every little boy dreams for baseball supplies, right? And as a good parent, you have to ensure them. And the best present is a baseball glove. Of course, you won’t be a good dad if you refuse playing with your kid. Unfortunately, most of the parents have no clue how to maintain their kid's baseball glove after the sport season. You will find out when the spring comes and the glove is useless. 


To prevent that awkward process, you have to find out how to take care of it. 


The most important rule, which you have to follow is to keep it clean all the time!!! If you do not do it, you won’t be able to use the baseball glove longer. 


Here are the cleaning tips provided by domestic cleaning Sydney:


- first: take a clean cloth and dish-washing detergent. Scrub the glove with the cleaning solution as needed. When the dirt is removed, you can wipe it with a clean and wet cloth. If it is necessary to change the cloth during the cleaning. 


- second: now, you can take a dry cloth and wipe down the baseball glove.


- third: to clean the glove inside, you have to use petroleum jelly. Add it in the glove and let it dry. The baseball glove is ready to use when it is completely dry.


And here are some tips, how it is good to store it:

- first: it is good to store it in a place with room temperature. If it is too warm the glove will dry, if the place is too cold - you will have to heat it and still there is a chance to have an useless glove.  


 - second: cleaning Sydney recommends storing the baseball ball in the glove. That will help to keep the glove in a good shape. 


- third: if you want to find your glove in the same condition as you left it, you can apply baseball glove conditioner. It will prolong leathers life. 


I’m sure, that there are many other tips, but these are good, right? For more questions, ask some professional cleaners.  

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