Make Money With Student Of Fortune

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Make Money With Student Of Fortune

If it has never occurred to you that you can make money doing homework then you are in for a big surprise. Student of Fortune is a website that pays people for doing homework. It is another online money making opportunity and as of the time of this write-up, there are several people who make money with Student of Fortune. SOF works like any other freelance site. The following are the two ways of making money from Student of Fortune:

Answering questions

The most popular activity on this website is answering questions. The individual who wants the answer will provide the necessary details as well as the amount of money that will be paid. These questions are posted by students from several educational institutions. Different people can submit an answer to the same question. If your answer is chosen, you will be given the price that is posted (called the bounty). You can also name your own price for the tutorial that you post. The amount of money that is paid to you will be less 18% of the bounty (price). This 18% percent is what the website takes for providing the service.


The second way to make money with Student of Fortune is by posting tutorials. Each tutorial is listed according to the book that the author is tutoring out of. You are allowed to name a price for any tutorial that you submit to the website. It is however important to choose a price that is competitive because other people might be posting similar tutorials. When a tutorial is purchased, your payment will be 40% less than the price of the tutorial.

If you like doing homework, joining this website will provide you with some extra cash. You are rated according to the quality of the work that you do. You will earn more as your rating increases. You are permitted to contact the person that you are doing homework for when you attain an A rating.

Getting paid

You need a PayPal account to withdraw the money that you make on Student of Fortune. Withdrawals can be made anytime that you feel that you have accumulated enough money. You make withdrawals by selecting Withdrawal Funds under ‘My Account’. The site charges $1.50 on each withdrawal that you make and you will have to wait for one month to get the money in your PayPal account. If you want your money within 5 business days, select ‘Rush Withdrawal’, but this service attracts a 3% fee.

Student of Fortune is a reliable website and you will get all the money that you make. Most individuals who make money with Student of Fortune usually wait until they have made over a hundred dollars before making withdrawals. This extra income can be very useful for taking care of some of your monthly expenses. You will also have the satisfaction of helping other people go through difficult academic tasks. You can sign up for free with this website today and start making money.

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