Make it Easy for Your Customers to Contact You

Posted on Sep 28 2011 at 05:24:42 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Every now and again I come across a website that provides no easy way for a customer to contact them. The most recent experience I had was only a tiny email address in the bottom right corner of the site, not even an executable link to email them. This particular site had significant information to sell their product and displayed their brand remarkably. All of these pieces are vital to closing a sale, but lacking pertinent contact details can kill a sale. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your customers don’t have to work to find your contact information.

Have your preferred method of contact be a call to action. The type of business will determine your preferred method of contact; a plumber would be reached via telephone, a bakery by their address, an IT person via email or web form. Whichever method, make it visible everywhere on your website – contact page, banner, footer, services, etc. Your contact details should be right in front of them when they decide to hire you and reach you to tell you so.

Your company should also be present where your target market is. A business which makes wine will have a different market than one who sells domain names. Nearly every type of business has a target market which uses Facebook. This is a free medium to advertise and connect with your customers on a more personal level. Take full advantage of this and carefully plan your

presence and how you can slip into their daily news feed. Include all of your contact information so they don’t have to leave your page. You can also customize your page with a contact form, social media links, videos and more.

An easy tip to help make your business memorable: vanity contact details. Phone: 877-Ovaleye, web:, twitter: Brand your business to where each element matches so no matter how your customer tries to reach you, they cam remember how.

Most importantly, you must be there on the other end to address your customers, with each and every inquiry. Which ever way you prefer to be contacted, and advertise, be available and responsive.

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