Make a List With All the Obligations

Posted on Jul 29 2011 at 02:27:27 AM in House & Garden

As everything in life, when moving out from an accommodation you will have to be active in order to receive what is yours. This puts you in a bit strange situation to choose priorities among all the things you have to do. This is essential, if you want to perform the most important things in time and also properly. 


If you do not want to miss something, make a list with all the obligations you have to take care of and decide your priorities. This will make you more focused on what you mandatory have to do. Only this way all your efforts will be concentrated on a certain thing at a certain moment which will guarantee you that the most important part of things you need to do will be done.  


Here is how such a list can looks like:


1. Packing all the clothes, souvenirs and even furniture you have. Do not hurry doing that but be more careful. Only this way you will avoid losing something. 


2. Clean the house behind you. Actually, very important part of the whole moving process because it can supply you with a pretty significant amount of money. You may need them to pay the deposit to the new property owner. If this procedure looks hard for you, simply hire a pre tenancy cleaner to do it. These professionals can make your place spotless no matter if we talk about a pre tenancy or a post tenancy cleaning. 


3. If you haven't found an accommodation yet you'd better start looking for it. Otherwise, you may end up with no place to live. 


4. Pay all the bills. If the property owner finds out that there is a bill, no matter how small and insignificant can it be, that needs to be paid, you may not receive your deposit back.


So, moving to a new place is not hard if you are organised and concentrated. This holds true for all the actions that you will do, such as hiring pre tenancy cleaners or cleaning by yourself, billing and so on. 

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