Love and you Will Become Whole

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Love and you Will Become Whole


Love is abundant.  Do you want an abundance of Love?  Can you feel it?  Could you feel it?  Do you share it with others?


It’s a matter of opening your heart to the Creator and let it flow inward then outward. This inward - outward flow is amazing when your heart is activated in Love.


When focused on Love, and living in it, daily thinking about it creates a positive world around you.  Unlike the youth of the 60’s who opened the world up to the need for more Love on this planet but destroyed the growth of Love by consuming drugs which dulled their minds and kept love from really developing into something big for all human kind.  The idea was there!


Today the need is greater for all humankind but it has to be pure non-medicated un-adulterated strong feelings of Love centered in the heart. Love that rises up knowing it is the most powerful force in the universe.


An infinite number of strengths exist on this planet however, none stronger than Love.  You may ask why don’t we have Love everywhere if it is the strongest force.  That is because humankind were given free will to chose their path in life.


Did you know that Love can be classified in 4 different ways?  Let’s look into it. 


The Greeks defined Love long ago as Agape, Eros, Storge and Philia.


            Storge - Is the type of love you find amongst family members and life long friends.  It is the comfortable old shoe kind of Love.


            Philia - Is a brotherly kind of love you feel for mankind and your friends. This could be considered a compassionate type of Love which creates a sense of community.


            Eros – Is the passionate type of love between a couple.; that fiery spark of Love that engulfs.


            Agape - Deep selfless Love such as that of the Creator for humankind. This type of love is all encompassing and sees past all flaws – It Just Is.   Agape Love is boundless.


Humankind has discovered over the eons on earth that when the cords of Love are severed catastrophe awaits.  We see this as we look at the way our world was developed.  

All humans are connected as a vibrational being each at various stages of development with eyes opened or closed the reality of the soul awaits recognition.  (I’ll discuss this in a later blog.)


When fear creeps in Loves magical ways can be enveloped in an unseen fog.  If  people can be kept in a state of fear their minds are occupied,  consumed with self doubts preventing their minds from focusing on one of life’s most important gifts and that is Love.




            When engulfed in fear anxiety controls our feelings whether it is an impending hurricane on television, floods, earthquakes, war, bills not getting paid, loss of work, people shut down and are glued to the television.  Fear about the economy, fear about 12/21/12 can create an uneasiness that prevents Love from shining through.  With each new burden, feelings of Love are challenged.   By embracing the fear created by terror the lusting for more information takes over our thoughts. Actions and conversations around events take our minds off our path of Love.  People in angst – fear- self-doubt are easily misled or kept from their course. One fear leads to another and before you know it the fog around you is so dense it is consuming.


But wait; there is Hope, Joy, Love and Light.


When the shimmering light of hope sparks in the heart it can cut through any fog. In your life when you start to step away from the fear acknowledging it but not claiming it as your own.  Your own Love begins to expand and before you know it that Hope & Joy turns to a Light so bright you find our heart swelling with Love.


A simple fact, Love has the ability to conquer all!  When you are filled with Love for all living things you recognize humanity as your family.  Staying focused on Love brings the earth to a higher place of vibration so all can prosper.  You have the right to be prosperous. Not to be used by your fellow man who strives to get ahead using others and stepping on them for power of their own. 


We all have the birthright to prosper, it was not meant for a select few.  If we live in a state of Love for each other and all living beings, we grow exponentially wiser and have all our needs, wants desires met in the purest forms. Focusing on Love gives all humans the confidence that their reality is created for them that it cannot be taken from them. The fear and worry of losing what you have acquired or having others take if from you is gone because Love conquers all. 


Our relationships grow stronger because fear is gone. Trust exists for all because no one takes from their fellowman or woman without an exchange unless it is agreed not to do so.  We give and receive leaving room for dignity and self-worth to prosper.  Love builds communities who help one another. This is  not doing something because you are seen by others and want to appear important, but because your heart is so full of love, each one of you becomes important to each other.


You help each other get ahead because they deserve it and it is their right. You hold no one back. You become safe in yourself knowing we all have different skills, gifts and talents that are shared with each other willingly because you know in your heart that all have the right and it is safe too and they deserve to prosper.


If we focus on ourselves with Love in our hearts we realize there is plenty for all that   can rise to perfection in Love.


How do random acts of kindness make you feel? Do you feel it in your heart? Is it a flicker or a flame?  Does the flame grow?  Do you pay it forward?  Do you remember the Love?  Do you cultivate it?


By cultivating Love in all you do you grow; your life changes, you learn to control your thoughts manifesting abundance in your life.  Other will feel the Love  and they will be drawn to you.  They are ready.


Be awake for opportunities to help all life forms on this planet. Not just at a certain time of year but always.  If you allow Love to flourish in your heart without fear or judgment you will become whole.


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