Losing Your Ex? Avoid Making These 3 Silly Mistakes

Posted on Jul 14 2012 at 11:15:15 PM in How-To

Losing Your Ex? Avoid Making These 3 Silly Mistakes

When you are breaking up with your ex, you may think it is incredible difficult to win your ex back. However, there are several things you can do to get him or her back. Yet, if you don’t avoid these top 3 mistakes, you could lose them forever. These things are: text message terrorism, drunk dialing and pity party.

Mistake 1 - Text Message Terrorism

It can be rather difficult to deal with not having your ex around especially right after the breakup. Loneliness and desperation can alter your actions you normally would not do. This includes flooding your ex’s phone with text or voice messages, begging for another chance to show them that you do love them. What does this really do for your cause? It actually makes your ex sick of hearing from you thus eliminating the chance of a real communication.

Mistake 2 - Drunk Dialing

Drunk dialing is just as its name implies. You down a few drinks and the alcohol will make you more likely to feel the pain. Then you decide to do what you wouldn’t soberly do and that’s call your ex during the overnight hours. No matter if your ex does or does not answer the phone the message you send will be of desperation and depression. You try to get them to see your point of view and tell them how much you miss them. When you finally go to sleep and wake up, you realize what you have done. You’ll realize how bad of a mistake that calling him or her actually was.

Mistake 3 - The Pity Party

When you have been dumped, it can be quite easy to feel rejected and quite depressed. You may feel like sitting around the apartment, watching television and eating loads of ice cream. This can be very self destructive. If you get caught up in this whirlwind, you may miss the opportunity and to your disadvantage. However, if you want to win your ex back, get up, put your life back together and get some kind of plan together so you can get them back.

Understand that doing one or two of these mistakes does not necessarily hurt your chances to win your ex back. Just recognize that you have done it and stop before any further damage is created.

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