Lord of the Rings – Nazgul Origami

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Lord of the Rings – Nazgul Origami

This LOTR (Lord of the Rings) The Lord of the Rings – Nazgul free papercraft. The Nazgul (English: Ringwraiths, sometimes written Ring-wraiths) were the dreaded ring-bound servants of the Dark Lord Sauron in Middle-earth throughout the Second and Third Age.

Once the nine great Kings of Men, they were all given Rings of Power. The nine,  took them without question and subsequently after the forging of the One Ring, became the slaves of Sauron and later his chief lieutenants. After decades the effect of the rings left the King’s spectral, invisible to all but Sauron and whoever wore the One Ring.

The nine Nazgûl traveled abroad in black cloaks and hauberks of silver mail which gave them form. Widely feared, the nine were known as Sauron’s ” most terrible servants,” the most notable of whom was the Witch King of Angmar. His second is Khamûl, who was previously a King of Rhun, making him a former Easterling. He is the one who meets Farmer Maggot at night, saying, “Shire… Baggins…”, to which the warden says that the Bagginses are “…up in Hobbiton.” However, Khamûl is not the one who chases Frodo near Bucklebury Ferry, but rather the Witch-King.

Read the tutorial and download the pattern here: Lord of the Rings – Nazgul Origami Tutorial and Template

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