Look Younger Than Your Age with Blendtec Home Blender

Posted on Dec 17 2012 at 12:09:35 AM in Diet & Nutrition

Look Younger Than Your Age with Blendtec Home Blender

Creating healthier meals daily takes a lot of time and effort! You can prepare delicious and nutritious meals, whole foods from scratch in a matter of seconds.

Introducing the new chef and nutritionist in your home - Blendtec. This super machine is really a total nutrition center to assist and help you look good and feel good about yourself. The Blendtec do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and it can perform up to 50 different culinary processes and is recommended by chefs and nutritionists around the world. What makes it so special? It has the ability to unlock the cell walls allowing more food and nutrients from food and antioxidants to be absorbed by our body easily. This makes us even healthier!

Do you know that about 85% of the food the most powerful beauty nutrients are mostly found in the pulp, skin and seed that we normally throw away.

Maybe you have beginning to hear of the incredible benefits of eating whole foods. Well, having a Blendtec at your home is what you will ever need. The machine break down nutrients that our teeth simply can not cut through. The specially designed blades rotate at 384 kilometers per hour, pulverizing whole foods including everything that is in it i.e. skin, seeds and stems. So get all the nutrients your body needs, maximizing nutrition and minimize the waste, so you actually save up. Blendtec really helps shine inside and out!

There are hundreds of delicious healthy recipes you can do and it just takes you minutes.
Too easy! From breakfast to dinner, appetizers to desserts, will become your Blendtec
your new friend and the most money well spent tool in your kitchen. The fiber juices, soups, ice cream, sauces, salsas, marinades, dressings, sauces and nut butters. You can be creative while exploring a new world of healthy nutrition. The best thing is that it is easy and does take so much of your time preparing.. For example, only 45 seconds can make delicious fresh fruit ice cream or sorbet without freezer. You can make steaming hot soup in 5 minutes or less using nothing but vegetables. There is hardly any washing dishes, as the machine only takes you 15 seconds to clean up!

As we get older, bottles of vitamins seem to pile up! But when you have a 3 horsepower Blendtec blender, you are protecting your health naturally and you can save up on all those pills. Actually, there are lots of precious phytonutrients found in the fruits and vegetables but only your Blendtec can provide you that.

Eat better, feel better, look better.
Defying age comes easily with Blendtec. Getting your 5 recommended serves of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit a day is no longer a chore, it's easy. Your body absorbs nutrients more important than ever before!

You'll feel like you have more energy and vitality. With the extra phytonutrients and antioxidants, dull skin and hair begins to regain its glow. You can help along the face by creating masks and delicious body Blendtec in too! On a more serious note, it gives your body the nutritional ammunition you need to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol, along with the everyday ills of the flu, colds, heartburn and stress.

Finally, there is a practical long-term solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For more tips and information, visit http://www.healthylifestylesingapore.com


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