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Posted on Jan 23 2013 at 11:49:05 PM in Design

Logo Design and brand identity is today's utmost requirement to place your foot print in the market place. We have seen major corporation constantly remodelling their logo to keep pace with the competetion and keep themself update to date with the ever changing trend. It is important that even small business pay keen interest while building their brand because the brand gives the "first impressoin" of the company.

There are many logo inspiration sites that provide loads of brilliant work for inspiration. They also have registerred designers with their portfolios so that one can reach out to their favorite designers to build their logo. These are few of such sites: logorium, dribbble, logopond, logomoose, logofaves, logspire, logogala, abduzeedo, logooftheday, creattica etc. Many more such sites can be fould thriugh searching the web.

Apart from logo design inspiration sites there are many ready made custom logo sites that sells uniques custom designs logos. their gallery holds a series of great logo and people can buy logo of their choice instanly. They have search option so that customers can search with the keywords that best fits their business needs.

one of the other options for logo designing is logo contest. This needs you to pay upfront for the logo and the designers will submit the logo as per your expectation. You will get submissions from a number of designer and you can pick winner from their. This also a great way to get designs from different designers and pick the best you like.



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