Living the dream and leaving it behind

Posted on Jul 26 2012 at 10:20:25 AM in Finance & Investment

Living the dream and leaving it behind

After completing a shift of more than 10 hours at the restaurant, Jennifer was not in the mood to do anything but go straight home, take a shower and put up her feet. On the way home she received a phone call from her mom asking her to stop over because she had a gift of sorts to give to her. On normal circumstances Jennifer would have tried to blow the visit off but her dad was not doing well and she was anxious to know what the gift would be. It turned out that what she was presented with could not have been purchased from the average gift shop, in fact her parents presented her with a unique gift of several American silver eagles, something that she would cherish for the rest of her life.


None of us know what our future has in store for us, yet we tend to do whatever we can to find out. Anticipation is something that few can handle without bursting, so much so that we try to use options like looking at our horoscope to see if it can break down some barriers. Looking to astrology might give some of us peace of mind, but if you are really serious about your future you should make plans based on the fact that we are not in control. Making any future plans should involve a proper retirement plan for us and something to leave behind for those we love.


Our children are our most valuable assets, if only for the fact that they can live on after we are gone and look after us when we can no longer do so. Great Southern Coins understands that the most valuable asset you have is your ability to take care of yourself and that involves proper planning. With a variety of valuable coins for you to choose from, you can now add gold or silver coins to your retirement plans. Whether you buy silver coins as an investment in your retirement or a gift to include among your valuables to leave for your kids, you can be sure that nothing will compare to what they will be worth later on down the road.

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