Living a life of peace

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Living a life of peace

The world seemed to be finding itself engaged in more conflicts than he could remember and Walter was hoping that it would not bring us back to a full scale world war. There are many causes of war, but one of the worst is an instigation of pride, especially since nobody wants to lose. The world conflicts that were experiencing daily seemed to be petty in many cases, but Walter had seen it happen before, where international conflict triggered a large scale war that did not cease until the staggering numbers of death overcame the war and conflict in the end. There are never good reasons or causes of war and conflict, yet we seem all to eager to fire the first shot, hopefully this does not turn us all into a world of barbarians.


Tony had been around horses for as long as he could remember and although he was not in a position to buy his own, that did not stop him from perking up when he came across horses for sale. As a young man in his late teens, Tony used to hang out at the track where he would watch the horses and chat with some of the horse trainers. He spent many a summer evening catching up on thoroughbred racing and best place to find out who had the best odds would be at the racing stables. Although he had thought about it, Tony was willing to admit to himself that he did not have any chance of becoming a jockey, especially since he was at least 10 – 15 pounds over weight. As he got older, Tony paid a visit to as many horse tracks as possible and it wasn’t long before he was known by many on the racing circuit.

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