List of Greatest Cleaning Tips of All Time

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List of Greatest Cleaning Tips of All Time

Cleaning is a profession for some and a troublesome task for others. Let's bring some knowledge in and share the greatest cleaning tips with the non-professional unenlightened part of the people, still willing to clean their homes despite the failed attempts.


Cleaning is like science. It takes years to master the art of returning the shine of any surface and removing any kind of stain off any fabric. It requires knowledge and practice. But here is a list of the greatest cleaning tips of all time provided by the professionals at Domestic Cleaning London. No need to experiment, just follow the cleaning tricks below.


No more odours: Food is one of the major sources of bad odours coming from your fridge. Don't throw the fridge away, find a better way to store your food. Use plastic containers to keep food fresh for longer. Whenever you notice an unpleasant odour coming, check the containers, empty them and clean with a baking soda paste. This is a mild and effective way to deal with any odour, simply attack it with baking soda.


Clean in the nick of time. Never wait for the spill do dry and get deeper in the fabric. There is no better moment for attacking the mess than as soon as it forms. Domestic cleaning London assure you that some stains are even irremovable if you allow them to linger. Club soda is your solution for  prolonging your cleaning time. Dilute the colour and dub the stain, don't let it settle, but blot gently until it is completely gone.


And remember, be never late when it comes to removing stains.Have always some cleaning tools at hand. It is not necessary to carry your vacuum cleaner always with you but a package of wet wipes is the perfect first aid cleaner. Quick surface wipe up requires nothing more than a brisk gesture and it is all shiny and clean again. 

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