Ligne Roset

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Ligne Roset

There is furniture known for its ‘lounging’ capability, favoured for its ability to envelop the user in a soft malleable cushioned mass of comforting material. Then there is contemporary furniture that places equal emphasis on the style and design of an item and its aesthetic value. Both lines have their distinctive qualities and naturally lend themselves to certain lifestyles and activities. To put it simply, one is good for sprawling whilst eating pizza out of a box and the other is perfect for musing philosophically on the usefulness of Latin in the modern world. Ligne Roset definitely belongs to the latter group.


Known for its collaborations with the foremost talents in contemporary design, Ligne Roset presents the consumer with a lifestyle choice, complementing its furniture collections with decorative accessories, lighting, rugs and textiles, with over 600 different permutations of colour and texture.


These portraits were taken at the Ligne Rosst retail outlet on Mortimer Street. As the old Romans were fond of saying… de gustibus non est disputandum.

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