Lighting up your world

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Lighting up your world

After years of her parents taking care of her, Tanya decided that she would broach the subject of a wedding anniversary to her parents. She may have been partial to their union but Tanya never remembered seeing another couple as happy as they were. As an anniversary gift Tanya decided that she would organize an event to mark the special occasion and she was not prepared to hold anything back, in fact she had already been asking around to find out where to get LED candles so she could set the mood for the happy couple. Because it was intended to mark their 50th anniversary, Tanya felt as though they would prefer an event that involved family and close friends and although that was not more than about 7 or 8 dozen people, it might have been better than them staying at home with a simple dinner for two arrangement.

Anyone who ever planned a wedding in their lifetime will likely agree that it can be overwhelming, especially if they never did it before. There are so many things to look after and without it being considered as a job, the whole exercise can get stressful pretty fast. The only thing that the planner will not be responsible for would be the wedding gown, or maybe the grooms clothes and the rest of the wedding party. Things like food, photographs and the wedding cake are all part of the planners responsibility. In order to set the mood, the planner would order flowers, then they would make sure that the arrangements are acceptable, then they might even consider some battery operated led lights to set on the guests table. As the guests roll in dressed in 3 piece suits and evening gowns, it is common to witness the wedding planners at the side of the action monitoring everything, as they cross their fingers and hope for the best

When it comes to romance, we may not all have the same idea as to what works. The fact remains that we are different in many ways and that shows in the way we respond to certain events. What might be acceptable as a perfect event by two people may have an entirely different reaction for the rest of us. An evening in front of a romantic film might do precious little for Derek and Sonia, while Marge and Tom might prefer that same evening to be enjoyed in front of a lake with a couple of solar lanterns showing them the way. There are no set methods to being romantic, although it does help if you understand what the other party enjoys. One thing is certain though, forgetting that romantic ideas are important to a relationship, will only allow it to wither away and die.

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