LifeStraw: makes dirty water clean

Posted on Aug 5 2011 at 04:08:07 AM in Technology

LifeStraw: makes dirty water clean

More than one billion people – one sixth of the world’s population – are without access to safe water supply. At any given moment, about half of the world’s poor are suffering from waterborne diseases, of which over 6,000 – mainly children – die each day by consuming unsafe drinking water. The world’s most prolific killer though is diarrhoeal disease from bacteria like typhoid, cholera, e. coli, salmonella and many others. Safe water interventions have vast potential to transform the lives of millions, especially in crucial areas such as poverty eradication, environmental upgradation, quality of life, child development and gender equality.LifeStraw was developed as a practical response to the billions of people who are still without access to these basic human rights.

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