Lifelong Learning Is Essential For Self Development.

Posted on Jan 9 2011 at 01:59:35 PM in Personal

I admit I’m a personal development self help junkie these days. I‘ve always been interested in personal growth and what motivates people to behave and act in certain ways and I’m now grateful that I make a living out of my passion.

Personal development and self growth forces us to change. As we begin to do so we begin to regain a sense of hope and optimism as we experience breakthrough moments. Our goals then get a whole lot bigger and the cycle starts all over again.

One of the great aspects of life is that it never stands still. As we continue to learn through our experiences and situations and reflect on these we can begin to push past self limiting beliefs and look at the world and our lives with new eyes. It gives us a renewed sense of meaning to our existence.

It became clear to me that the more we grow and evolve the more we uncover to learn about ourselves. This is a life long journey and learning is vital to keep us moving in the right direction, allowing us to lead more fulfilling lives. When we focus our energy on really learning a topic or an aspect about ourselves we begin to experience self knowledge, self understanding and self awareness as well as being on top of our game within our work and relationships.

We need to stay ahead of the curve if we want to capitalise on new opportunities and become early adopters of new technology or new ways of doing things.

Learning is most often associated with classroom type experiences and in acquiring knowledge and information, however, rather than wisdom. Embracing a desire to learn more about ourselves and our ability to tackle new desires is all about having the right attitude and commitment.

Here are my self development tips;

1.      Open the mind to new possibilities by refraining from judging new or unfamiliar information and people too early. Recognise that you might need to ‘unlearn’ in terms of having preconceived ideas and perceptions.

2.      Everyone who enters your life or any situation you are presented with is there for a reason. Both are learning opportunities in the University of Life so ask yourself what they are reflecting back to you in terms of personal life lessons.

3.      Seek out teachers who can help you grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally whether that be in the form of books, videos, audio programmes, conferences and coaches.

4.      Follow your own inner guidance system and intuition and refrain from taking too much advice from friends and family however well meaning. You are the very best person to make the best decisions for yourself.

5.      Less is more in terms of productivity and effectiveness so slow down, take time out to nurture your soul, recharge your batteries and get into flow to increase your creativity.

6.      Take inspired action, don’t be paralysed by your fears instead embrace them because it is the fear that is often pointing you in the direction of your dream life.

Ultimately long term success, happiness and fulfilment require a balanced approach in all areas of life so make work life balance a priority for you to become an even better version of yourself in 2011.

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