Life Begins at Conception

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Life Begins at Conception
While soaking (meditative prayer) with a friend I asked God to give me a painting to paint. I saw a picture of a vision a woman named Elizabeth had where Jesus was holding a 2-cell fetus.

I was a little intimidated at the thought of painting Jesus and put it off for several weeks.It was 2 weeks before I was to go to the Banner Elk Festival and I felt strongly in my spirit that I was to do this painting. I complied. My very first strokes of the robe I began to feel the sadness of the babies not being able to be with their families on Earth and began to cry and intercede for the truth to shine forth and that people would understand when a person enters the zygote.
Then I put in the movie "Amazing Grace" (about the abolition of the slave trade)one of my favorites. At one point, after a defeat, the people for abolishing the slave trade were having a meeting. William Wilburforce said, "We're talking about truth. We need to throw if from church roofs, paint pictures..." At that moment I felt something physically hit my chest and I began to weep. Beloved, yes , you Beloved, a person begins at conception and God has commissioned me to carry this message on behalf of the MILLIONS of babies in heaven that didn't get a chance to live from abortion or miscarriage. If you have had an abortion, repent, renounce the effects and ask the God of mercy who LOVES you dearly (no matter what you do) to show you your child/ren in heaven if you are ready to see them. They want to be named by their parents. They love you. They love you. I recommend reading 6 Big Big Big Angels and Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses. It will bring you great healing.

If you have had a miscarriage, you have a child in heaven that loves you! If you are ready, seek God, and He will show you whether you have a boy or girl if you didn't know and you can name them and know they are in heaven with Jesus.
Father, may we have Your perspective in Jesus' name. May the truth shine setting the captives free. God has a plan for each person. We can choose this plan, we are predestined for this good and perfect plan... But we can choose not to follow this plan because God has given us free will. If you want more healing resources besides the books mentioned e-mail me at May you receive healing and shalom this day in Jesus' name.

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