Leather Jackets - How to Pick the Right One in Bomber Style

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Originally designed for pilots in warfare conditions, bomber jackets have been highly popular ever since they have come into existence. During World War I, aircraft cockpits were not completely enclosed, so these jackets were designed to keep the pilots warm during their warfare activities. France and Belgium were the first two countries to start using long sleeved leather coats in 1915. And slowly and gradually the trend was caught on by other countries involved in the war. When the US Army began a special War branch is 1917, their initial design included the bomber style leather coat. Some of its features were - high wraps around collars, zipped front, wind flaps, and wrists and waists were elasticized to keep things snug. In order to put extra wind resistance, these were fringed and lined with fur. These were also known as the flight jackets.

As pilots have always been associated with the idea of masculinity, and as most people, especially during the war, had dreamed of becoming a pilot, they quickly came into fashion. Initially, they were only meant for men but later variations came to fit the style and body shape of women. So, today these are equally popular among men and women.


Flight jackets were originally made of leather. However, many of these are also made of synthetic material, which is lighter and maneuverable. But, at the same time its durability maybe an issue. These are highly popular in the fashion world.


Typically, pockets on the flight jackets would be at the front around the waist height. The location of the pockets here is meant for easy accessibility. Some of the most costly ones have interior pockets too.


These are mostly loose fitting, especially around the shoulder and the torso area. If you are looking for a sleek look, you can close in and fit snug at areas like waist, sleeves and collars. This will also close passage for air and keep you warm during freezing winters. Those which are coming from designers' brands are closely fitted, and are best to suit women's body shape.


In the past, fur lining was used to keep the pilots warm. Modern jackets make use of fur or fleece lining to keep warm. The use of fleece for lining is not only cheap but also as effective as the fur, and environmentally friendly too.


These have zippers, rather than buttons. Zips are considered to be a better way of sealing the coats or jerkins. Flaps that cover the zips are buttoned up. These buttons are actually metal poppers, which are more durable and easier to use. This makes them easy to wear and take off.

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