Learning About Wine Without Trying Too Hard

Posted on Jan 16 2013 at 06:54:09 AM in Food & Drink

Learning About Wine Without Trying Too Hard

Wine lovers have no shortage of resources when it comes to wine information. Just Google any phrase with the word "wine" in it, and you'll get pages and pages of links. Follow these links and you will get a very specific approach to wine, handed to you on somebody's website, or some educational info that suddenly ends, just when you're really getting interested! Sometimes--let's be honest--it's either too dry (no pun intended), or too serious to actually enjoy.

Then there is the other group. You know who you are. You enjoy a glass of wine now and then, sometimes more. But you get kind of annoyed when someone in the room starts talking about wine. Your eyes start to glaze over as descriptions of flowers, berries, and vanilla seep into the conversation. Are they serious? Do they really taste that stuff?  Are they just trying to attract attention to themselves?

Taking a wine course or getting a wine education is a big undertaking. It's sometimes expensive, and let's face it, you don't have the time for it. Wine probably isn't THAT important to you, but you really could use some pointers.  If only you could get one or two pointers a week! You know, something easy to understand, easy to digest, easy to remember.....   If only someone would do that for you.

I started MarcWine.com with exactly that philosophy. If you know very little about wine, but think life might be more fun if you knew more, without a ton of work, visit my blog a couple of times a week. If it seems useful and interesting, I hope you'll subscribe to it.

Be sure to read the past entries too.  I try to cover a broad range of subjects, many at the introductory level, many at the "wine lover" level, and some at the intermediate to advanced levels. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone.

Let's start mastering the world of wine without sounding like masters of wine, if you know what I mean. Knowing WHY you like a certain wine, and WHY others leave you flat, is the biggest reason to learn about wine. There are other good reasons too:

    * Being able to pick the wine for the table at a restaurant
    * Impressing that certain special person
    * Making conversation about a new subject you used to avoid
    * Actually following that "wine expert" as they go on and on 

I'm sure we can probably think of more reasons, but these--I'm sure you'll agree--are enough to prove that a little wine knowledge can make your life richer and more fun. best of all, this approach is super easy, and requires very little effort. See you at the blog! Please make comments and give feedback or suggestions.

Your Fellow Enthusiastic Consumer

Marc Soucy, FWS


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