Knowing a thing or two about artwork

Posted on May 22 2012 at 01:22:58 PM in Artists

Knowing a thing or two about artwork

I don’t know about you but in my opinion there is something nostalgic about artwork, especially the kind that makes you think about where you came from and where you are going. When an artist decides to burst onto the scene and expose himself to the general public, they are not always successful, however, it seems that Shepard fairey knew what he was doing and after making a name for himself in 2008, with his rendition of Barack Obama and the “hope” poster, it has been all uphill after that. Born in the early 1970′s, this artist has done what he set out to. 


Other than the “hope” artwork which he turned out in 2008, Shepard fairey prints has been known to grace many other areas, most of them exceptionally popular to contemporary art lovers. For someone who once came from the world of skateboarding, it just goes to show that we can make anything of ourselves that we decide to. All artists must have their day in the sunlight and in the case of Shepard, that day came in the year 2009 during the summertime. His first exhibition covered many varieties like stencils and stickers, to the tune of over 200 pieces.


If you enjoy art and have the inclination to see the real thing, then Shepard fairey art may be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t take my word for it though, check out and see what their wide selection consists of. This an opportunity to stroll through the hallways of their website from the comfort of your desk at home, spending as much time as you need before making that all important decision to buy. The next time you get the inclination to purchase a piece of art, head to the Louvre in Paris, or simply turn on your computer and check out Shepard fairey’s collection.

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