Klonoa – Moo Free Papercraft

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Klonoa – Moo Free Papercraft

This papercraft is the Moo, based on the video game series Klonoa, the paper craftwas created by Vincentmrl. Moos are the common main enemies in the Klonoa game series. They can be used by Klonoa for double jumps, or throwing at other enemies. They’re oblivious cat-like creatures with a cute smile and big eyes that slowly waddle along paths.

The Moos come in a variety of colors: the red Moos have no attacks and simply walk away, the green Moos has wings for arms to fly, and some Moos are shielded by silver, gold, or black armor. Although there population is widely spread apart, they seem to only have one leader, Heart Moo. This may be because they are so easygoing, as seen in their fighting style. They don’t seem to be so bright either.

In the crossover game Namco X Capcom, the Moos are creatures from the Phantom World that make “moo” noises. The Moos present in the game are the standard Moo, Giant Moo, Shield Moo, Giant Shield Moo, Armored Moo (Silver) and Armored Moo (Gold). Their fighting style are slashing or slapping. They are voiced by Eriko Kigawa.

List of Moos:
  • Giant Moo – Large-sized Moos. Shield Moo, Armored Moo, and Moo Spooky also have giant versions.
  • Flying Moo – Green Moos with wings.
  • Shield Moo – Yellow Moos with shields.
  • Armored Moo – Moos with armors.
  • Spear Moo – Moos with spears.
  • Spring Moo – Hopping Moos.
  • Monkey Moo – Monkey-like Moos.
  • Death Moo – Eyeless Moos.
  • Heart Moo – Moo with green bandanna.
  • Conductor Moo – Moos from the Northern Express.
  • Moo Boarder – Moos riding Float Boards.
  • Moo Spooky – White Moo from Joilant’s haunted house.
  • Volk Moo – A helmet Moo from Volk.
  • Rare Moo – A rare Moo with a gem.

Klonoa is a video game series created by Namco and Klonoa Works, as well as the name of the titular character of the series.

Klonoa is described within the games and manga as a “Dream Traveler”, who is fated to travel to various places where the state of dreams is in danger, but he himself isn’t aware of that. His traditional voice actor is Kumiko Watanabe, though he is voiced by Eric Stitt in the English version of the remake of the first game. It is worth noting he has Namco’s mascot Pac-Man on the side of his blue hat. Wanting to be a hero, he is young and good-hearted, and is willing to go against all odds to make sure justice is served. He is easily able to befriend characters along the way who support his cause. His attitude is innocent and even a bit naive, as shown in Klonoa 2.

Klonoa was designed by Yoshihiko Arai. Arai’s first design, “Shady”, had a shadow-like appearance. However, he felt that the lack of color did not seem tasteful, and dropped the design. His next design was created with characteristically animal eyes and long ears, as Arai felt that a person’s eyes and silhouette are the features noticed when they are first met. He added a large hat with a Pac-Man emblem on it and collar to give the character a childlike and energetic quality. The design was kept and used for Klonoa.

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