Kirby – Waddle Dee Free Papercraft

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Kirby – Waddle Dee Free Papercraft

This papercraft is a Waddle Dee, based on the Kirby video game series, the paper model was created by João Vieira. Waddle Dees are the most common inhabitants of Dream Land. Some, but not all, of the Waddle Dee are also affiliated with King Dedede, the self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land. They are a staple of the Kirby series, being the most common regular enemy appearing since the first ever Kirby title, Kirby’s Dream Land.

Waddle Dee are notable for not having any real form of attacking and for their peaceful nature, mostly staying out of Kirby’s way, walking around aimlessly, occasionally leaping into the air, or just relaxing and enjoying themselves. As they are, they do not give any copy abilities if inhaled by Kirby unless an item held by one bears the ability.

Many variations of Waddle Dee exist, but for the most part, they are simply Waddle Dee holding different accessories, and share the same peaceful characteristics throughout the games.

Waddle Dee have tan, pear-shaped faces, chestnut-colored eyes and no mouth. They have a round body, light-orange/tan feet, small stubs for arms, and rosy cheeks just like members of Kirby’s species. They do have a mouth in the manga illustrations, however.

Most Waddle Dees are either burgundy or some shade of red, but they have other colorations including green, orange, blue, golden, and light-purple.

About the Kirby Paper Craft:
Height: 13 cm
Difficulty: Easy
Pages: 4
Format: PDO/PDF

You can download this Kirby – Waddle Dee Free Papercraft Download

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