Kids, classrooms and digital textbooks

Posted on Jul 3 2011 at 02:53:41 PM in Education

Kids, classrooms and digital textbooks

Digital textbooks have a few advantages over paper books. They can be updated or upgraded without having to reprint thousands of copies or recycle all the old books. There’s no need to transport heavy loads of books from the printer to the schools — or transport those heavy books from school to home in backpacks. Moreover, the carbon footprint of a digital book beats that of a printed book.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks. Students have to be able to access the digital books, which means access to a computer or e-reader. The problem of money is a very important factor; how many schools, or how many parents, can provide gadgets for the kids? And how long of a lifespan does an e-reader have in the hands of a 10-year-old? E-waste could be a serious issue.

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