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Don’t expect good looking interface on Kid’s Typing Skills. As a free software, it has a pretty simple interface, but I think it’s not the essential thing that you’re looking for here. Just as it name, Kid’s Typing Skills is free software for our kids (or everyone who willing) to learn the effective and right way of typing. Be sides the simple interface, it also easy to use.

There are several skills trained by this software. First is learn the keyboard, an introduce about computer’s keyboard scheme. Second, keyboard practice, teach us about how to type with our ten fingers. The main purpose is to introduce the right finger to type certain letters. For instance, we should use our pinkie to type A and Q while our index finger for F and G.

Third, is character drill, to practice the right ways to type special characters. Fourth, word drill is practices to implements the previous drills to type several complete words (not only separate letter). Fifth, timed drill is practices to improve our speed in typing.

While, you have to paid several bucks on another typing software, Kid’s Typing Skills offers complete training for free.

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