Jusuru International Review, Is Jusuru International A Solid Business Opportunity?

Posted on Mar 6 2010 at 04:19:40 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Is Jusuru International a sound business venture? And is it a suitable opportunity for you? First of all, I am not involved with the company in any way, so this evaluation is totally unbiased. What I plan to give you are a number of important points to take into account when looking at this venture.

1. The Company

On February 16, 2010, after a busy and encouraging pre-launch phase, Anaheim-based Jusuru International, Inc. has announced its official launch. They come into the emerging health and wellness marketplace with a juice blend product, a liquid nutritional supplement, whose primary ingredient is the multi-patented BioCell Collagen II® (BCII®), manufactured by BioCell Technology.

2. The Management

Asma Ishaq, President of Jusuru International, Inc., served as Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology, where she implemented unparalleled marketing and branding strategies. In 2009, she co-founded Jusuru International and was appointed President.

3. The Juice Blend Product

Jusuru Life Blend™  is a juice blend whose main ingredient is BCII®. Current research findings have shown this ingredient to sustain joint health and younger looking skin. The company states that they hold an exclusive contract to offer BCII® in liquid form.

Their nutritional juice additionally contains resveratrol, whose healthy aging benefits have been found in the grapes that make red wine. It contains the same amount of resveratrol as in two bottles of red wine. In addition, they added strong antioxidants from a variety of exotic fruits, which give it a distinctive flavor.

4. The Marketplace

The health and wellness industry is projected to be a trillion dollar industry. Several top notch companies have introduced competing juice blends, each offering a slightly different formula. So what will make Jusuru standout?

“From a marketing standpoint,” explains Asma Ishaq, President of Jusuru International, “the greatest strength of Jusuru Life Blend™ is also its greatest potential weakness. This product is backed by an enormous amount of scientific research, so there’s too much information to fit on a label that people will actually read. The only way non-specialists are going to understand the rationale behind each of its ingredients is to distribute it through people who understand these reasons and can take the time to explain them. This is why we chose network marketing.”

5. The Opportunity

The company's compensation plan is a network marketing plan and is based on a unilevel model. They offer 9 income opportunities including direct sales, preferred customer bonus, fast start bonus, team commissions, enroller bonus, turbo infinity bonus, leader check match, leadership pools, and car bonus.

6. The Training

The training provided is based upon traditional MLM business building training. Developing a warm list of everyone you know and have done business with. How to communicate about the product to everybody you meet, giving away free bottles as a sample, conference calls, tasting meetings, and when you get their $39.95 iRep starter kit, you are given a replicated corporate website.

In summary, Jusuru International introduces a quality juice product backed by scientific research, a profitable compensation plan, a replicated corporate website, and traditional multi-level marketing training. They are off to a good start in a very competitive area of the health and wellness industry. They put forward a good business opportunity for people who know how to develop a multi-level marketing business.

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