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Posted on Apr 5 2012 at 10:24:05 AM in Sports & Recreation

We live in a great country where people are allowed to voice
their opinion. With the internet and social media it is easier now more than
ever for people to voice their opinion. I have no problem with people speaking
their mind, but I can’t say I’m a fan of athletes talking about playing for a
different team than the one they are under contract with.

Jason Terry, whose contract with the Dallas Mavericks is up
after this season, was asked if he would consider playing for the Miami Heat
next season and he has the right to answer the question however he pleases, but
I would have preferred he didn’t answer the question by saying yes he could see
himself playing for the Heat. If he was going to answer the question he could
have said something like “My focus is to help the Mavs win games. I’ll worry
about next season when it gets here.”. An answer like that would have been fine
in my book.

He is a good playmaker and he usually comes up big in the
fourth quarter. . He did his part in helping the Mavs make it to two NBA Finals
and winning one. I’m a fan of the Jet but I believe his time with the Mavs will
be up after this season. Not because he said he could see himself playing for
the Heat, but because I just feel it’s time to move on from that era.

LeBron James also talked about maybe one day playing for the
Cleveland Cavaliers again and I felt that was unnecessary. Players have a right
to ask for a trade if that’s what he or she wishes, but I don’t think players
should talk about playing for a team while still under contract with a
different team. When a player is in the last year of a contract with a team the
player should focus on having the best year he or she can have to show their
current team that he or she is worth keeping. If not the player can show all
the other teams that they should sign him or her.    

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