Jewelry made of leather

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Jewelry made of leather
«Bulgarian» cut off head of the serpent and shaped in a unique bags Milan: «Middle East» Whatever women love for handbags but the truth that can not be denied is that they suffered in recent times some of the glut of them, many of the designs are either similar or exaggerated for excellence, if not imitated by the shops of fashion and others in licenses of its value. If you are one of these, and still in a're looking for that bag distinctive Btafrdha, you bag of the group «Serpanti» Serpenti House «Bulgarian», besides you will not see all of the bear carries one of them being the address the woman elegant and Arefh Boukbaya fashion, it is also an investment; due to the quality and the details of which inspired a lot of the jewelry world by virtue of that house that specializes in this area first and foremost, in this group returned «Bulgarian» to its legacy and its roots entrenched in the sixties, and exploited the professionalism and their ability to jewelery and applied in the skins luxurious, so you will not exaggerate If we say it like jewels in a lot of aspects, not least on that of the living, hence the name of the group «Serpanti», which sits on her head a lot of knobs or Alabzemat Bajunha green that appear to be protected from any tradition. Some might ask: Why live in a time celebrated the world dragon? The answer is that, as well as it symbolizes knowledge and life and immortality, it is also part of the genes of the house, which refuses to swim with the current to maintain its uniqueness. She explains that the most important features of organisms that they constantly change their skin without losing its advantages, and this is what you see and expressed her personality. It is the other does not stop changing the skin and the development itself, but always within the framework of the method that was drawn to itself from the beginning, but for its march from jewelry to leather accessories and other, they see a natural evolution for the House Jewelry want to offer accessories worth of jewelry, which explains the colors glowing as well as Black and white, luxurious leather handles and hand-clasps and knobs and other adornments which the heads of the living
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