It's FREE and it is just as good

Posted on Apr 10 2012 at 12:15:02 PM in Computers & Internet


Nobody likes to be told that they can't afford something especially if the item they need will help them in their productive day to day experiences. Individuals who spend a lot of time engulfed in technology and the tools available to them are probably very familiar with the tools that Microsoft has placed at their disposal such as the Microsoft Office Suite. I have had the privilege of using this very productive office suite and I will be the first to admit that it is more than capable of handling almost any office demand (software related) that comes your way. I recently purchased a laptop that had a trial version of this popular Microsoft office suite and I chose to ignore it altogether. Because I am an Ubuntu user by design and Microsoft Office does not work on Ubuntu, (I could not afford it anyway) I turned to their FREE version of LibreOffice and would be hard pressed to understand why anyone would pay for a piece of software that is so over priced like Microsoft Office, when the FREE version is available for anyone who wants it. In case you were wondering, LibreOffice will also work on your Windows Operating System. So stop wasting your money and start taking advantage of FREE open Source alternatives.

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