It’s a dangerous world out there, protect yourself

Posted on May 1 2012 at 05:22:29 PM in Computers & Internet

It’s a dangerous world out there, protect yourself

Because of the obvious dangers on the Internet, there will always be a need for protection while we are browsing. Zonealarm has been around for quite some time and has determined that they would like to jump into the FREE software game. With programs like AVG around they must realize that many would prefer to gain some antivirus protection for the little bit of funding they have on hand. Because of its competitive nature there are several pieces of software that are available for installation, all with promises of the highest quality of Internet protection. Depending on the brand of antivirus protection they acquire, customers can do a bit of customization to tweak it in order to make the program that much more appealing. Zonealarm promises all the basic protections and monitoring systems to stop any suspicious activity.


I have always maintained that protecting your computer is the most important thing you can do, even before you sign on to the Internet and with all the available comparatives to choose from you should not be suffering from a lack of options. I don’t have a lot of independent experience with Zonealarm, although I did use their paid version many years ago. By definition they are providing some very valuable options for FREE, a fact that pleases me to no end. The question is whether the anti-phishing/site status toolbar, identity protection and two-way firewall will be enough to satisfy your needs. As in most cases, installations are painless and can be handled through their official site or through, you do not even have to wait to get a CD shipped to you. I myself do not have the need for antivirus software, but if you are still using any version of windows, I strongly recommend that you consider installing AVG or the new Zonealarm FREE version, your computer will thank you for it.

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