Israel Must Not Accept Just Another Ceasefire

Posted on Nov 21 2012 at 06:56:23 AM in Politics


All the talk on Tuesday was about whether a ceasefire could be worked out. What terms could possibly be acceptable. Every news brief had a new rumor, Hamas sets terms, Israeli demands for an end to violence, Hamas refuses any compromise, and one thing after another about a ceasefire which should not even be a part of any discussion quite yet. Why should Israel even listen to anybody’s proposals for a ceasefire AGAIN with the number of times the world has promised Israel that this time they will have Israel’s back and enforce the ceasefire, that this time it would be different. It never has been different. After Cast Lead the world was going to put an impenetrable technically advanced barrier that would prevent any weapons smuggling into Gaza supplying Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the rest of the terror gangs with their weapons of terror. Somehow the promise never arrived and was pretty much forgotten as soon as Israel stood down. So, what is the great lie that will be promised this time which will sound too good to let pass? There can be no promise in which Israel will not be an active and involved part in assuring the rockets, anti-tank missiles, roadside bombs, bullets, suicide bombers, and all other arms of terror never again creep over the Gaza border to maim and kill Israeli men, women and children. The one truth is when this becomes the reality, then there will be no reason for Israel to strike and the Palestinians in Gaza will also know peace.


Before Israel accepts any promise from the rest of the world they first must see in real actions and deeds that this time will be different than the near countless previous promises couching lies named peace accords. Israel’s leadership must insist that this time must be different. This time the promise of peace is real and not just simply words to end this “crisis” until the situation gets so bad that there will be the next crisis. Israel must insist that the children on both sides of the border will grow up without hearing the explosions and screams of war any more. This cannot be a ceasefire but rather a promise for a future free of the hatreds and violence that has been the routines of the past. Simply stated, this must be the last time as the weapons of terror are fast attaining levels of destruction and death that make allowing for any possibility that terror continues forward cannot be permitted even the slightest breath of a chance for returning. This time Israel must insist “Never Again” and not settle for a brief refrain of quiet that becomes lost in the returning thunder of the violence just as has every previous unkept promise.


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