Is there an abuse of power

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 03:17:08 PM in Law

Is there an abuse of power

The whole exercise took close to two minutes, but in the end an officer of the law ended up being suspended after surveillance cameras caught him senselessly beating a schizophrenic man, repeatedly while he was trying to arrest him. The man in question, allegedly, offered some less than friendly words to the Officer' partner (Erica Rivera) after she said something to him. There was no audio offered for the tape, however, the video was quite graphic to the force being used by officer Joseph Rios. Regardless of whether this exercise was personal or because of the “alleged” conversation that took place between the mental patient and  his partner, the response was unnecessary.


It is this sort of senseless misconduct by officer Rios that has turned many in our society to think of police officers as nothing but a bunch of thugs, a brand that appear quite happy to wear. We will eventually reach a point in our time when the events that recently played out in England will end up on our doorstep, and we could end up in total anarchy.


If our police officers know no other way to deal with a mentally challenged person than to end up with an aggravated confrontation we may as well prepare ourselves for a whole lot more brutality from our boys in blue. Officer Rios was cleared of brutality charges and a settlement which will likely include his being reinstated, will affect the community and the respect that stuff like this usually represents. What a sad day for our entire police force.

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