Is Dream Tan Professional Self-tanning Spray for You?

Posted on Jan 18 2013 at 05:32:56 AM in Fitness

Is Dream Tan Professional Self-tanning Spray for You?

A healthy tanned look is still popular despite awareness of the risks of developing skin cancer by tanning the natural way by sunbathing. Ultraviolet exposure from tanning beds has much the same effect as outdoor sun exposure. Fear of the effects of ultraviolet rays is legitimate, with skin cancer being the most common type of cancer. In fact, 50% of cancer cases in the United States are skin cancer and as many as 75,000 people have had the most severe form, melanoma, in this year alone.


As more people realize how serious the risks of overexposure to the sun are, products that simulate that tanned look are becoming increasingly popular alternatives. A tan achieved from the application of such a product would last only for a few days at the most, which makes this self-tanning option costly. Still, it is certainly a better option in the end than risking skin cancer.


One popular self-tanning product is Dream Tan Professional Self-tanning Spray, a self-tanner that is easy to apply and contains all-natural ingredients.


Some might worry that while they avoid the well-known hazard of ultraviolet rays by using a self-tanner, they might be exposing themselves instead to dangerous chemicals. Certainly many self-tanning products contain synthetic ingredients, some of which may cause allergic reactions. These may possibly be inhaled when using a spray tanner. While the ingredients in all self-tanning products available on the market are all approved by the FDA as safe for skin application, the effects of inhalation of these chemicals has not yet been studied.


Applying self-tanners can also be something of a hassle. If it comes in a lotion or cream form, you have to take care to spread it evenly and avoid smearing it on your clothes. There is a tendency for a tan from a self-tanning lotion to look a little streaky even if you're accustomed to using it. Spray-on tanners such as the Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray make it easier to achieve an even tan than lotion and cream tanners. They can also be messy, staining whatever they get sprayed on, but certainly they are much easier to apply and to achieve an even tan with than lotions and creams.


In fact, Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray seems to have eliminated most of the hassles and potential hazards involved in sunless tanning. This product can help you darken your skin tone evenly and conveniently. You only need to spray a single coat in order to get a really deep tan.


This spray-on tanner is actually good for the skin. Unlike most spray-on tanners, Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray is not loaded with artificial chemicals. Rather, this product is a balanced formulation of natural ingredients. In addition, this self-tanning product not only spares you from the harmful effects of the sun's rays but also contains moisturizers to enhance the smoothness of your skin and keep it hydrated.


You can use Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray by itself or as your foundation, with a bronzer or Dream Tan Instant Skin Color Cream applied on top to highlight muscular contours. Awarded by for its products in 2010, the Dream Tan Company has created its self-tanning products especially with the body-builder in mind, intending them to enhance the appearance of a muscled body. Using various products that you can read about in a Vitacost review in combination can help an ardent bodybuilder achieve the best look in a competition.


Even if you could go on a beach vacation this winter, why risk sunning yourself? Applying self-tanner is still better for you than sunbathing. And Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray seems like an excellent self-tanning product to try.

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