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Investment with Leunammjadnanas using the most inept Forex Understanding and Forex Foundation, which specialize in using Price Entry in trades execution on minimizing the risk of loss while maximizing potential growth of returns on Forex Investment.

The Secret Trading Plan is written by Leunammjadnanas, A Forex Currency Fund Manager with 3 years of experience trading Live accounts. The Talmud of Forex; The Secret Trading Plan is an inept analysis of past Market’s buying and selling behavior based on hours and market opening/closing. However, our market entry and future analysis are not based on previous results, the analysis is mere a guide of foundation of how market moves. We do not base our trades on previous market results, but through the secrets we primarily become consistent with our every trade’s Price Entry and exit. The Secret Trading Plan specialized mainly in the potential Price Entry/Exit and stop loss that reduce the risk of loss, while increasing and maximizing the potential of account growth during Forex Live trading.

Currently, one of our opened investment opportunity to the public are through HotForex and FxJunction. You can choose to join us as an investor on HotForex PAMM or copy our trades through FxJunction’s Website.

The Secret Trading Plan Investment is launched in May 2012, it is managed by our Forex Currency Trader Leunammjadnanas. Leunammjadnanas Specialized in trading Forex Currency and Indices such as S&P500. Our Focused Funds; Forex Currencies Pairs are primarily EUR/USD and AUD/USD. Alternatively, we also trade major pairs against JPY such as GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY. We trade whichever pairs that has the most liquid and market’s volatility. We mainly buy S&P500, and we do not sell this indice in CFD.


Warning statement: Please note that this is just a proposal! Forex Investment/Trading involved very high risk of loss, and you are warned that it can lead to loss of entire account of what you have invested, you clearly understood the level of high risk involved in Forex/CFD Trading.

Client’s Investment Proposal

Minimum sum required; $1000.00 USD, Success Fee: 35%

The Secret Trading Plan Proposal
1) Standard Investment Plan: Investor portfolio.

  • Investment capital: $1000.
  • Drawn Down Risk per week: 20% Max.[$200]
  • Daily Target of growth at: 2%. [$20], Daily capped loss at 2%[$20]
  • Reward Ratio: 1:1 for growth and loss.
  • Risk Appetite: Balanced Level
  • Weekly traded days: 5 days [Monday to Friday]
————————————————————————————————————————————————————— GOAL

Our Fund Manager target a growth of 2% Daily from initial Investment, and capped its risk of loss in 2% daily as well. Once a 2% is hit, trading for that account may ends for that day.

We aim our goal at a projected compounding rates of returns from initial’s investment at 2% per day for a week on a $1000.00 account which is estimated at $1104.08. A projected profits of $104.08, provided that every day’s daily targeted growth is met without a 2% risk of loss.

Investment Illustration Table[At compounding rates]

Initial Investment Day 2% 5% -2% Month 2% 5% -2% $1,000.00 1 1020 1050 980 1 1485.95 2653.3 667.61
2 1040.4 1102.5 960.4 2 2208.04 7039.99 445.7
3 1061.21 1157.63 941.19 3 3281.03 18679.19 297.55
4 1082.43 1215.51 922.37 4 4875.44 49561.44 198.65
5 1104.08 1276.28 903.92 5 7244.65 131501.26 132.62
6 1126.16 1340.1 885.84 6 10765.16 348911.99 88.54
7 1148.69 1407.1 868.13 7 15996.47 925767.37 59.11
8 1171.66 1477.46 850.76 8 23769.91 2456336.44 39.46
9 1195.09 1551.33 833.75 9 35320.83 6517391.84 26.34
10 1218.99 1628.89 817.07 10 52484.9
11 1243.37 1710.34 800.73 11 115888.7
12 1268.24 1795.86 784.72 12 172204.6
13 1293.61 1885.65 769.02

14 1319.48 1979.93 753.64

15 1345.87 2078.93 738.57

16 1372.79 2182.97 723.8

17 1400.24 2292.02 709.32

18 1428.25 2406.62 695.14

19 1456.81 2526.95 681.23

20 1485.95 2653.3 667.61

  • Normal Performing Rate of Returns for Month 1 @ 2%
    Total estimated account size.$1485.95
    Earnings projected: $485.95
    48.95% Growth.
  • Extreme Performance rate of returns @ 5% for month 1
    Total estimated account size: $2653.3
    Earnings projtected: $1653.30
    165.330% Growth
  • Favorable Performing Rate of Returns @ 2% Compound Per day for 6 months
    Total estimated account size: $10765.16
    Earnings Projected: $9765.16
    976.516 % Growth.
  • Extreme Performing Rate of Returns @ 5% Per day for 6 months.
    Total estimated account size: $348911.99
    Earnings projected: $347911.99
    34791.199% Growth.
  • * earning for a $10,000 account will be projected risk or loss and earning multiply by 10.

Current account Risk of Loss probability.

  • The account has a high probability of losing 10% of initial investment at 45.35%, which required about 5 consecutive lost trades to do so.
  • The account has a probably of losing 20% of initial investment at 18.73%, which required about 11 consecutive lost trades to do so.
  • The account has only a probability of losing 50% of initial investment at 0.55%, which required about 27 consecutive lost trades to do so.
  • The account has only a probability of losing 100% of initial investment at almost 0.0%, which required about 54 consecutive lost trades to do so.

2) Special Trading account: ***
Size of $20,000.00 or more, please contact us @ for further negotiation and planning.


F&Q How much do you need to pay?

There is no fees required to pay, investor are not-taxable, as it is an international online platform through Forex Broker. You don’t get tax if you are exposed to losing all your investment.

Commission to Fund Manager per month on positive returns at 35%, no other fees involve, earning based on high watermark fee on HotForex PAMM policy agreement.

Assuming total earning is $1167.35, 35% to fund manager at $408.57, 65% earning kept by investor account at $758.78. Account of 2nd month starts at $1758.78.

By investing a mere $1000.00 you are looking at a favorable returns of 976.516 % Growth and extreme performance of 34791.199% Growth at a period of 6 months

How to set up an investor account?

  • Click on the above banner or through this link here.
  • Click on open an investor account under The Secret Trading Plan.
  • Fill in the application form, and typing the AGREE for attorney rights on investment through HotForex PAMM.
  • Don’t forget to key in referral ID: 11006.
  • Verify your email and submit your relevant ID and forms for account activation to or through your live Login.
  • Start Funding your account of at least a minimum sum of $1000.00
  • Start monitoring your account by downloading HotForex apps from Apps store or play Store for Android Phone or others.
  • Submit your HotForex ID and email to , and we can verify you as an investor under us to enjoy our other benefits such as signals and The Secret Trading Plans – Ebook, and our Price Entry/Exit Statement.
  • What you can do?

    Investors can use the opportunities of the HotForex PAMM-system for the purpose of profit earning from the deals settled by the investors and fund managers.

    PAMM-accounts are divided into two types: PAMM-account of Investor and PAMM-account of Manager. Investor’s PAMM-account can only invest funds in the accounts of PAMM-Managers. PAMM-account of Manager can only accept the investments from the accounts of PAMM-Investors. Each client of HotForex (HF Markets Ltd) can register an unlimited number of trading accounts and to use them in the PAMM-system as PAMM-Managers and PAMM-Investors.

    • Absolute control of funds excluding the risk of fraud by Fund Manager
    • Ability to monitor account on a continuous basis
    • Ability to evaluate the offers of many fund managers
    • Possibility to Diversify risks by distribution of funds to multiple fund manager
    • Ability to use Internal Transfer to transfer money between accounts



    Affiliate’s Program

    Join HotForex’s Affiliates Program, and advertise TheSecretTradingPlan to others or your friends around you. If you own a blog or website, simply register as a HotForex Affiliates through the above banner. Promote TheSecretTradingPlan to other investors out there! And you can start earning through 60% revenue shares with HotForex.

    If the commission for 1 Lot is $10.00 for the spread. You may earn up to $3.00 to $6.00 per trade executed from The Secret Trading Plan. If there is 100Lots executed for the month, you can earn up to $300.00-$600.00 as commission. Simply earn through TheSecretTradingPlan’s trades.


    If you do not wish to invest up to $1000.00 through HotForex PAMM, you can choose to invest through Autocopy by FxJunction. Simply register an account on FxJunction, and depositing money through credits.

    Bonus offered by FxJunction:

    • $20(Bonus: $5)

    • $40(Bonus: $10)

    • $80(Bonus: $20)

    • $100(Bonus: $25)

    • $200(Bonus: $50)

    • $500(Bonus: $125)

    You can choose to Follow us @ and adding us to Portfolio. As long our MetaTrader4 Platform are connected to FxJunction, it is live, all trades and results are followed Live and published Live. Trades can be automatically close by us or by yourself. Stop Loss and Take Profits are adjusted by us, and can be adjusted by you. For FxJunction’s pricing kindly refer to


    Disclaimer: Please note and accept that there is no guaranteed return from Forex Investment,Off-exchange foreign currency trading on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Once you agreed to invest under management account of The Secret Trading Plan PAMM on HotForex, you agreed to allow TheSecretTradingPlan to trade for you, the [AGREE] that you had typed in the registration during opening an investor account exposed you to the real world of Forex Trading, and you are warned that Forex Trading may lose all your invested capital, and there is no 100% guaranteed of investment returns, but 100% exposed to losing your money in Forex Trading. Do consider the risk at hand before investing. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with off-exchange foreign currency trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.


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