Interview: Atlanta Hip Hop Trio EDUBB -- Party Hip Hop's New "Dream Team"

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EDUBB is the Atlanta Answer to Party Hip Hop.

Atlanta hip-hop trio EDUBB is solidifying their place in hip-hop history. Recently, the group became the only featured hip hop group for Jagermeister branded music tours and made history as the first American Jager Music sponsored band to visit the home office of the Jagermeister brand in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. The group's MTV smash "Jager Bomb," earned them a full sponsorship by the music division of the company, including co-branded tour events and "Swagg." EDUBB completed their "WhootyMeister" tour this summer, their first-ever European tour that includes an official tour documentary to be released later in 2013.

One key item in musical history for trivia buffs is, this group was granted an international trademark for the term "Whooty" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in May of 2010. "Whooty" is the official term for 'White Girls With Booty' and has been covered in major news outlets around the world.

EDUBB's "Whooty" has been a featured song on Heidi Klum's "Complex Media. EDUBB is also in regular video rotation on MTV Jams and MTV Germany as well as other European music television channels.

Riding high on the success of "Whooty," which boasts more than 8 million total views including fan submissions, EDUBB released their first full-length concept driven project this summer entitled "Legends of the Fall."

"Legends of the Fall" boasts production by heavy hitters Jazze Pha and DJ Burn One, with featured appearances by the likes of Pastor Troy, T-Mo Goodie (Goodie MOB) and Universal Republic's Jackie Chain. "Legends of the Fall" has scored major positive reviews from some of the top hip hop blogs and magazines in the United States as well as music blogs in the UK and Germany. In September of this year, EDUBB earned their first national magazine cover via The Hype Magazine issue #62.

I had the opportunity to catch up with EDUBB artist and group spokesperson "Almighty Dolla" during a tour break and he filled me in on how the group started and how their style has propelled them forward as the new dream team of party hip hop.

EDUBB consists of members: Nem (cousin), Almighty Dolla (brother) and Jonny Boi (brother). He states "Nem is the laid back, natural born "spitter" of EDUBB and adds the "street" element to the group." He continued "Nem is also the creative force behind many hooks and direction for EDUBB's more urban flavored edge." Dolla, the spokesperson claims the spot of connoisseur of women, brand manager and creative force behind the hooks and creative direction of the groups genre-blending mainstream sound. Johnny Boi is labeled as the "backbone" of the group since he is the elder and most conscious rapper of EDUBB. Johnny Boi gets the credit for the videography creation and direction.

Dolla defined the group's style as Hip Hop fusion, explaining that their style is "Versatile, a genre-mash up of organic Southern hip-hop, pop-rap with melodic hooks and experimental alternative rock/funk infused elements." This mash up style is evident in the group's song "Lovesick" which features rock guitarist Sean Patrick Wheeler of The Armory.

Regarding the viral song "Whooty," Dolla says, "The name came about after a gig we did in Gainesville, Florida, in the party district near the University of Florida. We call that the "Whooty Capitol." He continues explaining " We met some Caucasian women there with well rounded bottoms which we hadn't noticed prior. One lady in particular was the inspiration for the first verse of the song." The song supposedly began as a joke while in the studio back in the group's hometown of Atlanta talking about the women they had met while in Gainesville. "We said "sistas" have booty and if you put the "WH" in front of that for White girls, you get Whooty!" Long story short, the song went viral, gaining more than 8 million YouTube views and started an international movement once the video hit MTV. Now the song is in regular rotation as part of a "rump shaker" set on MTV Jams.

Receiving major airplay on MTV, VH1 and many other top music outlets was a definitive point in the group's career according to Dolla. He expressed the group's gratitude and special thanks to all of the outlets who continue to support "Whooty" and keep it in rotation. "This has helped expand our brand and song in ways we could never imagine," says Dolla.

In discussing the new "Legends of the Fall" project, Jonny Boi chimed in that " Fans of the EDUBB sound from our first album "Don't Flex" (Koch 2006), knew that we did more than just the "party music." "It was refreshing to release something that took us back to our more lyrical roots and to create outside of our "party" oriented sound."

(source Yahoo! Voices)

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