Internet Marketing:Using Social Media Reviewed 2012

Posted on Dec 15 2012 at 04:43:09 AM in Marketing & Advertising

Internet Marketing:Using Social Media Reviewed 2012

Using social media as a marketing strategy was none of the biggest trends of 2012.  Thus, social media marketing was used by many companies to connect with their target audience, and to boost their reputation.  On the other hand, this did not work for all companies.  For example, GM was not successful in using Facebook as their marketing strategy.  They did not receive the response they were looking for from Facebook users.

GM is an example that Facebook is not the win all, lose all for social marketing.  Furthermore, social networks were and still are a big part of people'slives in 2012.  The big advantages of social marketing are that it is cheap, and it enables businesses and companies to reach a wide audience.  Facebook has millions of users and they are able to reach audiences worldwide.  Businesses and companies are attracted to using Facebook as part of their social media marketing because Facebook is able to link its users locally, and worldwide.  Will Facebook continue to be a part of the social media marketing trend for 2013?  Or will businesses and companies stray away from using social media as their main marketing strategy?

Separately, online video, e-commerce, and online shoppers used the internet for their needs quite frequently and the statistics were at an all-time high.  The prediction for 2012 was that Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon were going to be the most successful and the most invested.  These four had a successful year, and may continue to do so in 2013.  There are many other social media sites that were used in 2012 and were just as successful as Facebook.  No social media article would be complete without the mention of Twitter and the tweets that go along with it.

Twitter, is used differently for marketing and sales than other social networks.  With Twitter, you want to follow those who are a part of your target market.  It is not about how many friends you make, like on Facebook.  Twitter is growing and is predicted to continue to grow.  Twitter is one of the top five social media sites used worldwide.  It will be interesting to see in 2013.


Predictions for 2013

Accordingly, the predictions for 2013 are much different than they were in 2012 and the concern is more about content than social media marketing.  For example, Content Marketing will become the main marketing strategy for most companies and businesses.  Therefore, the concept of written content pertaining to a web site only way of thinking may change.  It may become advantegeous for businesses and companies to be more creative in how they create and circulate their content throughout the internet.  This may help them to establish more relationships and gain more customers.

People are not looking to be sold these days; they are looking for information that is going to be resourceful, and useful.  It is also predicted that visuals, and video will be used more frequently, and infographics will be a thing of the past.  Also, Instagram, Pintrest, Slideshare, and Youtube users will become more creative with using graphics and in presenting their videos.

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