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Posted on Jan 7 2013 at 07:12:44 PM in Marketing & Advertising

Marketing is central to most businesses and now even professions have a part of their jobs where they are marketing either themselves or the products they have and the like. So marketing has a broad impact on our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

The interesting thing is that though marketing is absolutely vital to your business it is hard to know how much of what is working! So the top management may decide to spend less money following through on a particular part of their marketing campaign only to find out that it was driving their sales!
Not only that, many people think that building flashy websites will take care of all their problems and take care of their marketing but that is far from true.

Internet marketing is no different as it too aims to take your business to new heights and reach out to your target audience and make your presence felt in the niche of your choice. The reach of the internet has grown vast over the years and has created new meanings to the phrase- reaching out to your target audience. This game changer however has not affected everyone equally but has had an impact in the way all businesses function. The brick and mortar businesses can also no longer ignore this platform any more. Doing so would affect their long term prospects.

Online marketing, also known as Internet marketing comprises of search engine marketing i.e. search engine optimization, pay-per click and social media marketing etc. Marketing, as with most things, should have a holistic approach which increases the visibility of your product or services in the eyes of your target market.

Search engine marketing has huge benefits and allows you to raise your visibility to search engines and therefore people who you are looking to target. Organic search engine optimization may turn out to be cheaper for some but PPC has its many benefits too.

Over the years, social media has also grown by leaps and bounds. The traffic on these sites has grown exponentially and has become so varied that it includes nearly all age groups and demographics. So it makes sense for businesses to increase their presence on these sites and use these as portals to directly connect with their audiences’.

Many smaller businesses have benefited tremendously from this kind of exposure. They can post updates and directly connect with customers for events’ or for creating awareness about new products that are

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