Interior Design - Top Tips For Making Design Features Out Of Everyday Items

Posted on Apr 22 2012 at 11:25:44 AM in House & Garden

Interior Design - Top Tips For Making Design Features Out Of Everyday Items
Interior Solutions Tailored To You   Q.  One of our clients recently asked us, how can I make design features out of ordinary items around my home?


It's possible to make design features out of everyday items found around the home and it's not as difficult as it may seem.  The key is to be confident and have a bit of fun.  When we make our homes the centre of other people's attention we sometimes forget to make it reflect the true nature of ourselves and our family.

It's good to have a lovely home that your proud to show off to others, however the best homes are the ones that have a practical function, are well planned in terms of how people move around the space and use it in addition to the aesthetics.

Here's a few examples of how we can use everyday items around the home to portray our design styles and inject personality.

Source - - Botanic Garden Plates, from Portmeirion.

Plates are one of the easiest examples of items that we use everyday in our homes.   Whether you have a  good selection of intricately patterned plates or selection of white plates, its evident from the display above how effective wall hung plates can be, particularly on a neutral background.  For another look, try using all white plates on an accent coloured wall or a black wall if your feeling bold.

 Source -

Investing in curtain tie backs with attitude, can be costly.  If you've got lots of neglected costume jewellery floating around your home, here's how you can use it to make your curtain arrangement come to live and appear more sophisticated.  Curtain tie backs with beads can be particularly effective when used in tiers of contrasting beads/detailing.

Source - - Knitted storage, starts from, Cloudberry.

Baskets are a great method for storing daily items such as newspapers, letters, fruit and a number of other items.  Chunky knit storage holders look effective when grouped together in a number of colours.  If your good at knitting you can create your own funky storage to suit your needs.

  Source - - Grey basket with cut-out handles, small and large, both The Holding Company.   Another effective way to utilize baskets around the home.  Visit our previous blog posts to find more Interior Design, room makeover ideas from Roominaboxx.  Don't forget to book your Free Interior Design consultation.   


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