Interior Design - Living Room - Any one for Yellow?

Posted on Apr 8 2012 at 07:51:05 AM in House & Garden

Interior Design - Living Room - Any one for Yellow?

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Living room - living with yellow

  Yellow brightens up the dullest of spaces and is instantly uplifting and versatile in interior spaces, particularly living rooms with its range of shades.  Dulux has a good mix of Yellows for walls, ceilings and woodwork, in particular Dulux's Lemon Punch and Sunny Savannah 2, with their warm tones are ideal for brightening up most  living rooms. Yellow can be used in a number of ways from bold detailed furniture/upholstery to Yellow accessories, wall coverings, flooring used as accent or full colour, giving your living room a luxurious feel.
Image - - Paint colours, Dulux. If your brave you'll probably love the way the colour is used in the living room above.  The use of mainly all yellow walls draws the eye to the walls, and is a good opportunity to showcase unusual wall furniture or your collections as this is where the eye will continue to be drawn to.  To keep the focus on the walls, keep the rest of your interior design scheme neutral. Mix yellow with black - and neutrals for a contemporary look.  The use of large bold fabric prints in accessories and curtains can add drama to a living room and stop the living room looking fussy.

It's possible to mix floral, stripes and other patterns in wall coverings, accessories, upholstery and furniture from the same colour pallet.  Opt for two or three colours  balanced against a neutral pallet.

Yellow does not have to be bold in interior schemes to make a room feel warm, the very subtle yellow wallpaper and the hints of a stripy sofa work equally effectively together.   You could also just add a hint of Yellow by accessories or objects grouped together in an existing room scheme.

Take a look at our blog for the full blog post with additional images and our previous interior design living room ideas posts for further inspiration and ideas on designing your living room.



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