Interior Design - Bedroom Ideas For Young Males

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Interior Design - Bedroom Ideas For Young Males
Interior Solutions Tailored To You For him ! (Bedroom ideas for young males that can mature with him)
With lots of focus on bedrooms for girls and women, have you ever wondered about how you get the right balance of decorating a bedroom for a boy, and one which will grow with him into adulthood?  Source - -cushion covers, duvet cover and quilt, all from Room Seven. Well if your answers yes, here a few interior design examples of how you can achieve this.  Above the use of colour perceived with masculinity have been  used throughout the scheme on walls and more boldly with striking bedding that's strong in character but not over fussy.  This type of scheme suits multiple ages and can be continually adapted as the person grows up without lots of expense. Image Source - - Desk, chair, drawers and bed, all from Ikea. This is an excellent interior design scheme for a male of 10 upwards and is the real boys den full of everything needed to take him into his teenage years. Image Source - - Bunk bed, bed set, ceiling shade and rug, all from Laura Ashley. For bedrooms that are shared, Laura Ashley bunk bed is a great way to maximise the space and this design has an adult feel to it, giving it longevity within this design scheme.  The scheme also encompasses neat storage solutions that fit into the design.  The back drop is subtle and although has adult qualities to it equally works well with younger males. For those of you with young males at home, what sorts of things are a must in a bedroom design scheme?  Get in touch we'd love to hear! 
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